Ebbe LEGACY Drain - 6  inch - Brushed Nickel

Ebbe LEGACY Drain 6 inch Brushed Nickel


Tile-In drain made of forged brass to last a lifetime!

Ebbe LEGACY Drain includes:
– 5 1/4″ Tileable Tray – 5″ Tileable Area
– 5 7/8″ Legacy Riser
– Ebbe Hair Trap


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Ebbe LEGACY Drain is made of Forged Brass:

Forged Brass has a tight grain structure with no air bubbles or hollow cavities.

Feel the weight of this high quality product.

Tileable Tray:

– Textured surface for solid bond with thinset and tiles.
– Five weep holes.
– Machined perimeter provide crisp clean edges.

Legacy Riser:

– Indentions in the corners accurately locate Tileable Tray.
– Indentions in the center to keep the Ebbe Hair Trap in place.
– Easy to clean surfaces with no obstructions.

Ebbe Hair Trap:

– Wildly popular Ebbe Hair Trap stops hair and debris from entering your waste pipe.
– Less than 30 seconds to remove Tileable Tray and replace Hair Trap.

– For traditional mud/mortar bed installations:
Ebbe Clamp Collar Drain (ECCD)

Ebbe Clamp Collar Drain [ABS or PVC]

If you are installing a new drain using a traditional mud/mortar bed, you will need the Ebbe Clamp Collar Drain to connect to your waste pipe.

Available in ABS (ECCD-ABS) or PVC (ECCD-PVC)

If you are remodeling and/or already have an existing PVC or ABS clamp collar drain body, the LEGACY Drain is also compatible with many other manufacturers’ 2-inch standard clamp collar drains, including:
– Jones Stephens
– Sioux Chief

Ebbe Hair Trap (8-Pack) (E103)
Ebbe Hair Trap (8-Pack) (E103)
A single Ebbe Hair Trap is included with the Ebbe LEGACY Drain.
Replacement Ebbe Hair Traps are sold as an (8-pack).
Our Hair Traps keep hair and debris out of your waste pipe for easy cleaning and maintenance.