Ebbe Hair Trap (8-Pack) - for Ebbe Pro/Unique Drain Covers

Ebbe Hair Trap (8-Pack) for Ebbe Pro/Unique Drain Covers

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If you have an Ebbe PRO or UNIQUE Drain you need this Hair Trap
3in Diameter to fit in the Ebbe Square Drain Riser
Flexible construction and easy to replace
Perfect for septic systems. Stops hair to avoid clogging

Ebbe SKU: E103

Download E103 Hair Trap Spec Sheet

If you do not have an Ebbe Square Drain. You will want the Universal Hair Traps instead.

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Our popular Hair Trap is flexible and easy to clean. Just set it in the Ebbe Square Riser and every few weeks remove the Drain Cover and see for yourself how easily the hair comes off. No snags or tangles to deal with. Learn more about the Ebbe Hair Traps HERE.


  1. Jason

    I’ve been a pro tile installer twenty years; our clients love these! Great product at a great price

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