FAQs About Square Shower Drain Covers

Can I buy Ebbe products at my local store?
Yes, visit our Store Locator

INNI Line Drain FAQ

How is the INNI different from other line drains?
The INNI is a drain that is “tiled over” to create a nearly invisible look. Water enters the drain through a 0.3” wide channel along its length. Water then flows to a 3” wide channel hidden beneath the tiled deck. Access to the waste pipe for cleaning and maintenance is through a 2-⅛” x 4-¾” tiled Access Cover.
The INNI doesn’t have a traditional “cover” like other line drains. This eliminates ordering mistakes and additional costs. You no longer have to wait weeks or months for a custom cover to be built and delivered.
The INNI is site sizeable from 73⅜in to 22in Which means you will not buy the wrong size. You custom cut the INNI to fit your space.
If you need a line drain longer than 73⅜in multiple INNIs can be joined together to fit any desired length. (one additional waste pipe is required for each drain added)
The INNI can be used in ADA and barrier free applications due to its 1” thin profile, and the fact that it runs uninterrupted wall to wall. Check out our “At Entry” Installation Video for more details.
Once Installed, the INNI is almost invisible.
Unlike other site sizeable drains, the INNI has internal slopes which helps eliminate water stagnation and keeps the drain clean.
The INNI runs wall to wall without interruption. Many line drains that you’ve seen can’t run wall to wall because you would never be able to remove the cover. This creates awkward looking pieces of tile at each end of the drain that don’t convey water.
The INNI is designed for surface waterproofing, and can also be used in hot mop or traditional mud bed applications.
The INNI can be installed very close to a wall and even sit underneath the wall tile.
The INNI comes complete with trims for any installation location

How do I remove my INNI Access Cover?
View the INNI Care and Maintenance Guide.

How Does the INNI attach to my drain pipe?
The INNI will glue directly over a 2in ABS pipe.

Is the INNI hard to clean?
The INNI is actually very easy to clean with the help of the INNI Brush Kit. Simply remove the Access cover and use the INNI cleaning brushes to clean all of the inside surfaces of the drain. Check out our care and maintenance guide for more detailed information.

Do the cleaning brushes come with the INNI?
No, the cleaning brushes are not included in the INNI Drain Kit. Since each shower is unique, we need to custom cut the brushes for your finished drain length. Once your drain is installed, take the measurement from the center of the drain to the furthest wall and we will custom cut and assemble the brushes for your specific installation.

Does the INNI come in a shorter length?
The INNI only comes in one length which can be cut down to fit your shower. The INNI is site sizeable from 73⅜in to 22in

Can I make the INNI longer?
Because of internal sloping, the Main Channel drain body cannot be extended, however, multiple INNI can be joined end to end with the INNI Drain Coupler Kit to create longer lengths.

How Long is the INNI?
Without any modifications, the INNI is 73-⅜” long. Multiple INNI can be joined together to achieve longer lengths. The INNI can also be cut down to a minimum length of 22.”

What is the INNI made of?
The INNI is made of glass filled ABS plastic. The INNI decks are mechanically abraded to bring glass fibers to the surface for mortar and sealant bonding.

What are the Trims and Access Cover made of?
The INNI trims and Access Cover are made of 304 stainless steel.

Are the Trims included in the INNI kit?
Yes the INNI kit includes all the trims needed for a complete installation. When purchasing an INNI you have a choice between three different trim heights. ¼” ⅜” or ½”.

What additional supplies do I need to install the INNI?
At least 4 oz of ABS cement
Urethane Sealant
Caulk Gun
Polymer Modified Thinset
Minimum ⅜” x ⅜” notched trowel
Power Drill
Tape Measure

Can I use the INNI with hot mop?
Yes, you can adapt to hot mop by using the INNI Hot Mop Receptor.

Can you pre-assemble the INNI for me?
Yes, We offer assembly and water testing for an additional fee.

What is the GPM of the INNI Drain?
The (GPM) or gallons per minute flow of an INNI is limited by the 2” drain outlet which is 11GPM. At just 22” the INNI inlet channel will match the flow of a 2” pipe.

What are the dimensions of the INNI?
The INNI is 4.6” wide 1” tall and the length is adjustable from 22” to 73-⅜” long. The drain hub accepts a 2” ABS pipe. The rectangular collector is 5.1” x 3.4” x 0.8” deep.

What kind of sealant should I use with the INNI?
We recommend the use of a high quality polyurethane sealant/adhesive.

How do I attach waterproofing to the INNI?
If using a sheet waterproofing membrane we recommend attaching the membrane to the ribbed INNI deck with a high quality polyurethane sealant. The edges of the membrane should be completely covered with sealant to stop water migration through the woven fleece faces of the membrane. If using a fluid applied membrane we recommend using fiberglass mesh or fabric tape at any seams or changes of plane.

Is the INNI certified?
Yes, the INNI is ICC and PMG Certified.

PRO Drain Cover FAQ

-Will the Pro Drain Cover fit in my current shower drain?
Yes, if you have an Ebbe Square Riser.
No, if you have a different riser.
Ebbe Pro Drain Covers only fit in the Ebbe Square Riser.

-Will the Pro Drain Cover Fit in the Ebbe Square Riser?
Yes. All of the Pro and Unique Drain Covers fit the Ebbe Square Riser.

-What is the actual size of the Pro Drain Cover?
The PRO Drain Cover is 3-¾in x 3-¾in square; the perimeter is 0.17” thick; and the total thickness is 7/16in.

-My PRO Drain Cover won’t come out. What is wrong?
Most likely the Cover was grouted in place. You or the installer will need to carefully remove the grout from around the Cover with a utility knife until it comes out.
To repair the grout you will need a Construction Plug, Wax Stick and some grout. After removing the Cover, clean any debris from the Riser seat. Apply the Wax Stick around the perimeter of the Construction Plug and insert it back into the Riser. Re-grout around the Construction Plug and let it dry for a minimum of 24 hours. The Construction Plug will cleanly form the grout so the PRO Cover can be easily installed and removed.
Construction Plugs and Wax Sticks are sold separate.

-What type of Rough-In do I need?
This question has more than one answer depending on your specific installation.
If you installing in a mortar bed, you need a clamp collar drain. We sell clamp collar drains and a Riser. You can find that on our Rough-In page.
If your using a pre made shower pan and you are surface waterproofing, you need a VERSA Drain Kit. Which can be found on the Rough-In page.

Does a Drain Cover Remover come with the PRO cover?
Yes, every PRO Cover comes with a removal tool.

Does a Hair Trap come with the PRO cover?
No, the Hair Trap is not included with the PRO Cover. It is included with the Ebbe Square Riser. Hair Traps are sold separately in 8-packs.

Will the PRO Cover fit in the same Riser as a Unique Cover?
Yes, The PRO and Unique are interchangeable. You can change your Drain Cover to fit your mood.

What is the difference between the PRO Covers and the UNIQUE Covers?
The PRO Cover is available in a wider range of finishes, but only one design. The UNIQUE Covers come in multiple designs and a limited range of colors.
The PRO Cover is made of a high strength polycarbonate core material with a PVD coated stainless steel cladding. UNIQUE Covers are made of solid 3/16” thick 304 stainless steel and are either un-coated or PVD coated. UNIQUE covers are laser cut, mill chamfered, and honed to a mirror finish.

What can I use to clean my PRO Cover?
Most household cleaners can be used to clean a Pro Cover. Avoid overly acidic or basic cleaners such as Drain-O® and abrasive cleaners like Comet®. You will also want to avoid abrasive cleaning tools.

What are PRO Drain Covers made of?
PRO Covers are a composite construction made of a high strength polycarbonate base covered with PVD coated stainless steel.
The composite construction gives impressive features and benefits that other covers can’t achieve.
-The composite construction gives the PRO Covers incredible strength. In fact, they’re rated to hold a static load of 1000lbs without breaking!
-The composite construction also allows us to use a threaded Drain Cover Remover which makes removal of the Cover extremely easy.
-The composite construction gives us room to round the edges of the holes which allows the Cover to drain more efficiently and makes it comfortable to stand on. -The PVD coating creates a long lasting finish that won’t decay or de-laminate over time and is backed up with a lifetime finish warranty.
What is PVD coating?
(PVD) Physical Vapor Deposition is a process by which solid material is vaporized in a vacuum chamber and bonded atom by atom to the part forming an extremely hard and durable finish that stands the test of time. PVD coatings are used on everything from car rims to machine tool cutters.

What is the GPM of a PRO Drain Cover?
The (GPM) or gallons per minute flow of a PRO Drain Cover matches the flow rate of a 2” pipe which is roughly 11GPM. This prevents flooding and slow water drainage.

UNIQUE Drain Cover FAQ

What is the difference between the PRO Cover and the Unique Cover?
UNIQUE Covers are laser cut, mill chamfered, and honed to a mirror finish. UNIQUE Drain Covers are the most beautiful, highest quality drain covers made. UNIQUE covers come in multiple designs with a limited range of finishes.
The Pro Cover is made of a high strength polycarbonate core material with a PVD coated stainless steel cladding. Unique Covers are made of solid 3/16” thick 304 stainless steel and are either un-coated or PVD coated. The PRO Cover is available in a wider range of colors, but only one design.

Will the UNIQUE Cover fit in the same riser as a PRO Cover?
Yes, the UNIQUE Cover fits in the same Riser as the PRO cover. They are interchangeable.

Will the UNIQUE Drain Cover fit in my existing drain?
Yes, if you have an Ebbe Square Riser. No, if you have a different riser. Ebbe Pro Drain Covers only fit in the Ebbe Square Riser.

Does a Hair Trap come with the UNIQUE Cover?
No, the Hair Trap is not included with the PRO Cover. It is included with the Ebbe Square Riser. Hair Traps are sold separately in 8-packs.

My UNIQUE Drain Cover won’t come out. What is wrong?
Most likely the cover was grouted in place. You or your installer will need to carefully remove the grout from around the Cover with a utility knife until it comes out. To repair the grout you will need a Construction Plug, Wax Stick and some grout. After removing the Cover, clean any debris from the Riser seat. Apply the Wax Stick around the perimeter of the Construction Plug and insert it back into the Riser. Re-grout around the Construction Plug and let it dry for a minimum of 24 hours. The Construction Plug will form the grout so the UNIQUE Cover can be easily installed and removed. Construction Plugs and Wax Sticks are sold at ebbe-america.com.

What is the correct removal tool for the UNIQUE Drain Cover?
The removal tool is the UNIQUE Drain Cover Remover. It has a green Handle with a J-hooked stainless steel shaft.

How do I remove my UNIQUE Drain Cover?
To remove the Drain Cover, insert the Unique Drain Cover Remover through the Cover and pull up. We recommend that a towel be placed on the floor around the drain when removing the Cover. The towel will protect the floor from damage if the Cover is accidentally dropped.

Does the Cover removal tool come with a UNIQUE Drain Cover?
Yes, each Unique Drain cover Comes with a green handled Unique Drain Cover Remover.

What can I use to clean my UNIQUE Drain Cover?
Most household cleaners can be used to clean a UNIQUE Cover. Avoid overly acidic or basic cleaners such as Drain-O® and abrasive cleaners like Comet®. You will also want to avoid abrasive cleaning tools like Scotch Brite®.

how strong are UNIQUE Drain Covers?

The load capacity of UNIQUE Covers vary based on design, but even the weakest design is very strong and will not bend or warp under normal load.

Ebbe Square Riser:

Why do I need an ebbe Square Riser?
The ebbe Riser is required for installation of PRO Drain Covers or Unique Drain Covers.

Can I replace my existing riser with an ebbe Square Riser?
In many instances the ebbe Riser will thread directly into an existing residential drain. The ebbe Riser threads directly into Sioux Chief,Oatey, Jones Stephens, Plastic oddities, WaterTight, and IPS drains.

Can the ebbe Riser adapt to other drains?
Yes, the Ebbe Riser can be adapted to:
3 bolt Cast Iron Hot Mop Drain
3” Pipe
Dallas Drains
Jay R Smith

What makes the EBBE Square Riser better?
The ebbe Riser is designed with several important features.
1. The Riser integrates patented dovetailed features around its perimeter that lock in grout and mortar.
2. The top perimeter of the Riser is tapered to a fine point to allow for a frameless installation.
3. The inside of the Riser does not have ribs or obstructions that inhibit cleaning. 4. The Riser has an integrated step-down to accept the ebbe Hair Trap.
5. The threads of the Riser are designed to fit most residential drains making adaptation easy.

How far does the Riser need to be screwed into the clamping flange?
The riser only needs minimal engagement (1-2 threads) into the clamping flange. The threads are not designed to take the load. The mortar surrounding the riser will take the vast majority of the load.

How tall is the threaded portion of the riser?
The threaded portion is 1.5” tall. The riser itself is 2.6” tall.

Does the Ebbe Hair Trap come with the riser?
Yes, the Riser includes one Hair Trap. Additional Hair Traps are sold separately in 8-packs.

Does the Riser come with the Construction Plug?
Yes, the Riser comes with the Construction Plug.

Is there a Riser extension?
Yes, we make a riser extension. You can find it in the accessories section of the website.

What does the Construction Plug do?
The Construction Plug is very important. It perfectly forms the grout so the Cover can be easily installed and removed, and it keeps the Riser from flexing out of shape during installation. The Construction Plug keeps junk and debris out of the drain before tiling and grouting.

EBBE Clamping Flange Drain FAQ

When should I choose the clamping flange drain?
The clamping flange drain is used when the pan is waterproofed with a vinyl liner.

What is the difference between the E4022 and E4024?
The 4022 is used with ABS drain pipe and the 4024 is for PVC Drain Pipe.

What is included with the clamping flange drain?
The drain includes the drain base, clamping flange, Ebbe Riser, Hair Trap and Construction Plug.

How is the drain attached to the waste pipe?
The Drain can be glued directly to a 2” or 3” waste pipe.

Should I use pea gravel around the drain when I install the final mortar slope?
While not totally necessary it is recommended to install pea gravel around the top of the clamping flange.

What kind of sealant should I use under the pan liner?
Silicone or urethane sealant can be used.

Can I invert the clamping flange if I need a thicker mortar bed?
Yes, the clamping flange is designed to be used in either orientation.

Does the clamping flange drain include a drain cover?
No, the covers are purchased separately.


What is the VERSA Drain?
The VERSA drain can be used in several different applications such as:
Bonding flange drain
Low Profile, curbless or ADA applications
Changing from Sub-Surface to surface waterproofing
Adapts to an existing 3 piece drain

What is included with a VERSA Drain?
The Versa Drain includes a bonding flange with fabric, Ebbe Square Riser, Construction Plug, and ebbe Hair Trap.

Does the VERSA come with a Drain Cover?
No, the VERSA does not come with a Drain Cover. That will need to be purchased separately. The Pro Drain Covers and Unique Drain Covers are sold separate.

Can the waterproofing fabric be cut back?
Yes, the fabric can be cut back to the bonding flange. This is typically done for ease of installation.

Is the VERSA Drain made of ABS or PVC?
The VERSA is made of ABS, but it has an adapter that will convert it to PVC. When ordering, make sure you order the correct drain for your application. The E4026 is for ABS and the E4028 is for PVC.

How does the VERSA attach to my drain pipe?
The VERSA will glue over a 2” ABS or PVC Pipe. Be sure to order the E4026 for ABS or E4028 for PVC. PVC pipe is typically white or light gray and ABS is black.

Can the VERSA be used with a foam shower tray?
Yes, the VERSA can be used with a foam shower tray. The drain may need to be adjusted for height to fit the specific tray. There also may be a gap between the VERSA and the tray that will need to be filled in before waterproofing and tiling.

How do I attach VERSA to the floor?
You can bond the VERSA down using a high quality urethane sealant or construction adhesive. Screws may also be used around the bonding flange.

Can I use the VERSA in Concrete?
Yes. The VERSA can be used in a concrete application. It’s recommended that the concrete slab be left a minimum of 1” below the VERSA flange so a final mortar bed slope can be added.

Is the VERSA certified?
Yes, the VERSA is ICC and PMG Certified.

What do I put around the Riser once it is set to height?
We recommend using sand mix or deck mud. These materials allow water to flow down through them and into the drain.

Can I use the VERSA with the Ebbe Subfloor Lowering Kit?
Yes, If you need a barrier free or ADA shower the two are a great combination.

EBBE Subfloor Lowering Kit FAQ

If I have a subfloor that’s thicker than ¾” will the kit work for my application?
The Kit was designed for ¾” subfloor, but it can be used for thicker subfloor material. The 2×4 support material can be ripped down to accommodate the thicker subflooring.

Can the wall brackets be used at the floor?
Yes, the wall brackets can be used at the wall or the floor. If they are used at the floor they will need to be bent 90 degrees to conform to the joist.

What is the maximum spacing for the brackets?
The maximum spacing is 36” center to center.

What is the floor deflection rating?
Spacing the brackets at 36” OC, the floor deflection rating is L/360. The closer the brackets are spaced, the less deflection the floor will see.

Are the screws and nails included?
Yes, the screws and nails are included for the brackets. You will need additional screws and nails to build the 2×4 frame and attach the subfloor.

Should I use construction adhesive?
Yes, we recommend using construction adhesive at the bracket seats where the 2×4’s rest as well as under the subfloor.

Do I need to screw the 2×4 frame to the brackets.
Yes, there are holes through the bottom of the bracket to accommodate screws.

What are the brackets made of?
The brackets are made from 0.050” Galvanized steel.

How much area will the floor lowering system cover?
We say that the brackets will cover approximately 24 SF, but that really depends on the joist layout. Each installation is unique so the 24SF is a safe guideline. If you need 1 or 2 more brackets to complete your installation please contact us.

What is included in the Ebbe Subfloor Lowering Kit?
The kit includes 15 joist brackets 6 wall brackets 81 screws(1-⅝in) and 36 Joist hanger nails.

What is not included in the Kit that I will need for installation?
You will need construction adhesive, 3” long nails or screws for the 2×4 frame, and ring shank nails or min 1-½” screws to attach the subfloor.

What grade lumber is required for the 2×4 frame?
Grade #2 or better is required for the frame.

Can I use the subfloor lowering kit on dimensional floor joists?
Yes, you can use the kit on dimensional floor joists.

Ebbe Plastic Pipe Puller FAQ

What does the Plastic Pipe Puller do?
The Plastic Pipe Puller is a tool designed to help securely attach inaccessible un-secured or loose plastic pipes to drain flanges, water closet flanges, and pipe fittings. The Plastic Pipe Puller is inserted and secured into the waste pipe. The fitting or flange is then glued and put over the top of the Pipe Puller then the two are pulled together making a positive joint.

Will the Pipe Puller work with cast iron?
No, the Pipe Puller will not work in a cast iron pipe as it is not flexible like a plastic pipe.

What sizes of pipe will the Puller work with?
The Puller has interchangeable plates to fit 1½in, 2in, and 3in pipe.

Hair Trap FAQ

What is the difference between the UNIVERSAL Hair Trap(E102) and the Ebbe Hair Trap(E103)
The Ebbe Hair Trap is larger in diameter and is designed specifically for the Ebbe Square Riser.
The UNIVERSAL Hair Trap that fits most residential drains made by other manufacturers.

Why are Ebbe Hair traps better?
They are designed to keep consistent water flow while still catching hair
They are disposable. This is a really nice feature if you’ve ever had to clean out a non-disposable hair trap. Gross! No mess, no fuss, no hassle!
Even though the Hair Traps are disposable, due to their flexible nature, they are easy to clean out; if you so desire.
They are hidden from view. Unlike top of drain hair traps, you won’t see this one. It does its dirty work beneath the “cover.”
Using a Hair Trap eliminates the use of harsh drain cleaners and stops hair and debris before they become a major problem.

Which Hair Trap do I need if I have an ebbe PRO or Unique Drain Cover?
You need the Ebbe Hair Trap(E103).

I don’t have an ebbe Drain Cover, which Hair Trap can I use?
The UNIVERSAL Hair Trap( E102) fits 95% of all residential drains. We sell 12 packs at https://ebbe-america.com/product/e102-universal-shower-hair-trap/

Our answers to questions you might have asked.

Where does the name ebbe come from?


The name ebbe is derived from the term “ebb” as used in the terms “ebb and flow” and “ebb tide”. It means to begin to recede. When a high water level is reached water immediately begins to recede. ebbe is pronounced the same as the term “ebb” with a long “e” sound at the end.


What are ebbe Square Drains?


ebbe Square Drains can be purchased either as complete drains (pictured above) or as just the replacement “riser” portion of a three piece shower drain. Pictured below, an ebbeE4400 riser (right) is used to replace the round riser portion (below left) of a three piece shower drain. This must be done while the drain fitting is accessible, before the mortar bed is installed.


What features of Ebbe Square Drains make them the best choice for ceramic tiled showers?

Answer:Here is our answer feature by feature.Square shape. It’s easier to cut tile to a square drain than to cut, nip and grind to fit a round one. Simple cuts are easily made, and waste little precious time. ebbe drains are sized to match standard ½”, 1”, 2”, and 4” tile without cutting. When cutting is needed, cuts are straight saw cuts. No grinding to match a radius. Consider the how much easier mosaics will be to install.

Composite Drain Grates. More than a flat piece of metal with holes E4400 series drain grates have a composite structure. Each grate has a 11mm deep sectional frame molded from a GFABS that gives it the strength to support a 300lb load on center. A highly formed 304 stainless clad surface gives the look of a substantial structure with clean rounded edges on all sides.

Minimal Grout Rim. Our wedge shaped integrated grout rim provides a rigid frame to grout to and nothing more. The job of the grout rim is to support the grout behind it and provide a perfect fit for the drain grate without being noticed. It gives the ebbe Square Drain its’ clean look and allows the grate to set into the grout like a tile without the appearance of a frame.

Grout Locking Perimeter Edges.One of the most distinct features of the ebbe drain body is its heavily undercut Grout Locking Edges. These features insure that the ebbe drain is thoroughly attached to the surrounding mortar and structure.

PVD finishes. E4400 Series Square Drains are stocked in ten PVD finishes that compliment today’s plumbing. Homeowners, tired of flimsy looking round drains get excited about being offered quality drains to match their designer plumbing.

Did you know that much of today’s shower plumbing is easily upgraded? While valves within shower walls remain the same, the designer appearance and finish of showerheads and controls can be replaced and upgraded as needed. Finishes for ebbe Square Drains are also easily upgraded as trends change by simply changing out the drain grate.

No Screws Please! Screws are a bother to remove when you have to retrieve an earring or remove trapped hair. We could see the first time someone removed a screw with a warn out screwdriver, the finish would get damaged. Little screws can pop out of your fingers into the drain and get lost! People would be calling us for replacements. How would we replace all those designer screws in ten different finishes anyway? Each of our drains is provided with a simple “twist and tug” grate puller. Keep the puller in a drawer until it’s needed, then simply engage the puller into the grate and pull it straight out!


What is PVD?


PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) surfaces are the most desirable surfaces found on high end decorative plumbing products today. They exhibit some very unique characteristics that out-perform older plumbing finishes. PVD surfaces bond to stainless steel base metal with a molecular level bond. This means that a PVD surface will never peel off and fail as chrome and other electroplated finishes are known to do. PVD finishes all exhibit a metallic appearance and can range in color from chrome to blue and from gold to black. Applied in a vacuum chamber unique finish colors can be created using proprietary recipes that incorporate the use of a variety of inert gasses, exotic metals, processing times and temperatures. New colors are always being developed and old ones improved. Colors produced by the PVD process are inherently stable. Made of 100% metal plasmas, PVD surfaces are UV stable outdoors and will not oxidize in harsh indoor shower environments.

The PVD coating process is a green and environmentally clean process. A dry vacuum chamber process, there are no issues with toxic chemicals and water contamination as there are with metal plating processes

Cleaning Suggestions

Do Not use cleaners containing ammonia, bleach or acid.
Use a mild detergent (such as dishwashing soap). Do Not use abrasive cleaners.
Rinse and be sure to wipe the entire surface dry.

Why don’t plumbers install ebbe Square Drains when tiled showers are specified in new homes?

ebbe Square Drains is a new product line and is just now being introduced for the first time (fall/winter of 2006). They are presently marketed to the tile industry and have been welcomed immediately by tile contractors, homeowners, designers and who have seen them for the first time. An enormous task of educating the majority of General Contractors, Architects, Designers, and Tile Contractors about the benefits of using our drains is still ahead of us. Some old habits will need to change. We would like to see the day when ebbe Square Drains are always considered when tiled showers are planned. Much of this education will be done by word of mouth from tile contractors, dealers, and distributors who have worked with and appreciate our product. Soon word will spread and a growing demand for ebbe Square Drains will be created.


I have seen other square drains in plumbing catalogs for several years. I have never seen them used on a residential jobsite. Why?


Other square drains have been out there for years but are seldom specified for residential use. Plumbing distributors don’t stock them. They regard them as special order items. For one reason or another they have definitely not become commonly accepted by plumbers or made readily available by plumbing distributors. I suggest that their lack of acceptance in housing is due to a few shortcomings in design, price, limited finishes, quality, size, and marketing approach. The main reason however, is the fact that plumbing contractors have been making the decision about what drains to install in residential tiled showers for decades. They have had an interest in keeping their job simple and choices limited. Until now they have not shown an interest in installing coinjoin.io drains specially suited for tiled showers. Most would rather stock and install one drain type that “will work” for every situation whether the final finish is to be tile, cultured marble, or another material. This means that the drains they install are the standard round variety. The only finish available is stainless. For the plumber, providing custom drains to compliment tiled showers could require a special visit to the jobsite for just that purpose. You must realize that plumbers plan to make only three visits to a residential jobsite. The first two visits are made early in the building process. First to do the below grade rough-in. During the second visit after which comes soon after framing, water lines and drains are installed. A final visit is made near the very end of construction to install sinks and faucets etc. At this stage all tile work, and counter tops are completed.


Do you believe that ebbe Square Drains will succeed where others have not, delivering a better drain product for tiled showers?


Yes! We feel that there are three keys that a specialty drain for tiled showers must have to achieve wide market acceptance.

First, it must be properly designed to suit the needs of its primary markets, the home owner and the tile contractor. Square drains are the only shape that makes logical sense for tile. Tile contractors want them! They also must be drains that a tile contractor can install without crossing over the line that leads to assuming any liability for plumbing. I have to qualify that statement somewhat. In most areas of the country the tile contractor assumes responsibility for constructing adequate waterproofing, drainage and weep control within a tiled shower. His job, as it relates to shower construction has everything to do with water control and nothing to do with plumbing. These abilities fall within the accepted knowledge base and skill set of the tile contractor. Cutting and gluing pipe and fittings, building proper venting and drainage etc. is not! Tile contractors don’t do plumbing!

Second, drains must be made available with standardized interchangeable drain connections. This is because the upper and lower components of these types of drains need to be marketed separately. The lower portion that the plumber installs should be sold through distribution to plumbers. The drain head needs to be made available through a network of tile distributors and dealers to tile contractors rather than to plumbers.

Third, and finally the drain needs to be offered as a design decision to the home owner. Master bathrooms and kitchens are two areas of today’s homes where owners are eager to invest in upgrades. As witnessed by a growing selection of steam showers, body sprays, hand controls and multiple shower heads, showers are fast becoming the most upgraded and utilized area within a typical master bathroom. Sophisticated designer finishes are replacing chrome as the finish of choice and now comprise a majority of the market. The trend toward choices other than basic chrome is rapidly expanding. Shower drains must now be included in that offering.

A properly built tiled shower can easily last over 30 years. It doesn’t make sense to install a low quality floor drain here. A properly designed drain should be durable, attractive, upgradeable and maintainable. Ebbe Square Drains are!

Important!! Plumbers do not install this product!

If an ebbe Square Drain is to be installed into your new tiled shower, it will have to be the tile contractor that installs it.


ebbe square drains are designed to thread into the female threads of standard shower drain fittings. Do they fit all brands of drains or are there some exceptions?


Yes, there are some exceptions. They don’t fit all drain fittings but they do match up with over 90% of the 3 piece shower drains sold today. All the major brands of ABS and PVC 3 piece shower drains on the market match up with ebbe square drains without the need for an adapter. These include Jones Stevens (Plumbest), Pasco, Plastic Oddities, IPS Water-tite, and Sioux Chief. Adaptors are available for a few other non standard brands.

Two piece cast iron drains with round stamped strainers are the most common shower drain used in California. Our E204 H- Mop adapter used with the ebbe E4400 Riser changes these drains into three piece ebbe Square Drains . See more information about this on the installation page.


How are ebbe Square Drains installed?


The ebbe Square Drain installs before shower floor construction has begun. It’s as easy as replacing a light bulb and takes less than a minute. The tile setter, homeowner, or general contractor, simply unscrews the round drain head from the shower drain fitting (installed by the plumber) and screws the ebbe Square Drain head in its place. The rest of the tile installation process is the same as usual.


Can ebbe Square Drains be installed in an existing shower?


It is possible for this to be done, but not without removing the entire tiled shower floor and mortar bed down to the waterproof liner. Most tile setters would rather choose to replace the entire shower floor at that point. Replacing the shower floor tile and mortar bed without damaging the waterproofing can be a risky proposition. A water test would then need to be performed to ensure that the old waterproof liner is free from leaks before reinstalling the shower floor with the new ebbe Square Drain Riser. You will only know if it has been successful after the demolition and leak test. After the demolition, hopefully the fitting beneath the tile is compatible with the ebbe Square Drain . You can email or call us and we will help you make that judgment call.