Why choose Ebbe America?

Ebbe America leads the way in shower drain technology.

Ebbe does not create “me too products.” We are constantly innovating, creating, and imagining products that improve the installation process and owner’s experience.

We’re always pushing the envelope to eliminate flaws and problems inherent with tiled shower drains.

We manufacture the most beautiful and versatile drains on the market today.


What are you looking for in a Shower Drain?

Are you looking for the best Shower Drain Cover on the market?

Ebbe PRO Drain Covers
-Elegant Drain Covers, in 11 different finishes. Therefore, we have a finish to compliment your dream bathroom.
-If your looking for that chic, modern, bold look, your search is over.
-Sturdy design supports up to 1,000 lbs. You will never see a bent or ugly Cover.
-Frameless Design: Creates a seamless transition with nothing between the Drain Cover and grout. This results in a clean contemporary style.
-No ugly screws!


Are you looking for the ultimate high end Shower Drain Cover that sparkles like Jewelry?

Ebbe UNIQUE Drain Covers
-14 beautiful designs to match your personality.
-9 different finish’s so you can find the look to match your existing decor.
-Turn your shower from “good” to jaw-dropping amazing by installing an Ebbe Unique Drain Cover.
-Your tile looks amazing! Why would you install a drab shower cover that detracts from your tile?
-Make your center point drain, the center of attention!


Are you looking for our patented Ebbe Hair Trap?

-The Ebbe Hair Trap is perfectly engineered to stop hair from entering your drain pipe. No clogs, no foul smell caused by clogged hair. Throw away the Drano…you don’t need it!
-When the Hair Catcher fills with hair, simply remove the old one and replace it with a new one. No cleaning out nasty debris baskets or stainless steel traps.
-Perfect for septic tanks. Stops clogs before they occur.

Are you looking for a Drain Cover Remover?

We have two different Cover Removal tools. One for the PRO Covers and one for the UNIQUE Covers.
UNIQUE Drain Cover Remover is compatible with any shower drain.
-Easy grip handle
-Easy to remove Drain Covers for quick cleaning and Hair Trap replacement.

Visit our Accessories page for these products and more.


Do you want a curbless shower?, barrier free shower? or ADA Shower?
Are you looking for the best way to lower your subfloor?

Ebbe Subfloor Lowering Kit
-Subfloor Lowering Kit is used to lower a subfloor between the joists.
-One Kit will recess up to 24 SF
-Quick install avoids joist penetrations and need for web stiffeners
-Contains 15 Joist Brackets and 6 Wall brackets
-2×4 and subfloor material not included

What is an ADA Shower?
ADA Showers are designed to meet Federal requirements for ADA code compliance in commercial & public buildings. The American with Disabilities Act specifies shower sizes, threshold height, clearances and accessory configurations to accommodate wheelchair users.


Do you have a loose or inaccessible waste pipe under your subfloor?

The Ebbe Plastic Pipe Puller “grips” the inside of the pipe, allowing you to connect a drain or fitting to your waste pipe without removing the subfloor.


Are you looking for the most advanced Linear Drain on the market?

Ebbe INNI Line Drain
-Tile over Line Drain. You only see the inlet slot.
-Nearly invisible if you install the INNI Line Drain flush against a wall, better yet…underneath your wall.
-INNI is a true Line Drain with wall to wall drain channel. To prevent pooling along the walls.
-Interior slope to avoid sitting water and foul smells.

Three ways to Install:
-In-Sight Install: This installation places the Drain Channel away from the walls in your shower.
-At-Wall Install: This installation places the Drain Channel flush against the wall.
-In-Shadow Install: This installation places the Drain Channel under the wall. This is the least visible option.


-Need a bonding flange drain for surface waterproofing?
-Have an existing drain, and want to convert to surface waterproofing?
-Need an ultra low profile drain for ADA or barrier free shower?
-Need a low profile drain for a laundry or utility room?
-Want to use a vinyl pan liner and adjust the Riser after the mortar has set?

No problem Ebbe VERSA does it!


Are you remodeling your bathroom and want an Ebbe Drain?
Are you installing a new bathroom and want an Ebbe Drain?

Visit our Rough-Ins and Adapters page.
-Ebbe Square Riser
-ABS and PVC Drain Bases
-Adapters for existing drain bases so you can use an Ebbe Drain in your shower



—Mariette Vedder

One of the best finds ever. We build it into the tiles patio on our balcony and it looks and feels perfect. Such great design and easy to build into the tiles. Sleek and smooth, stylish looking with our Italian Cerdomus tiles. HIGHLY recommend this!

—Amazon Customer

Very rich look for a fraction of the price from upscale bath showrooms. used during a bath remodel. you will need the ebbe E4400 riser if you are going from a round drain to this square one.

—The Rose

The square drain piece in the dark color coordinates well with my oil rubbed bronze drain grate and other shower fixtures. The filter is easy to clean and captured so much gunk from the shower floor as I cleaned up after construction debris. The drain piece and filter completely conceal that glaring white drain pipe beneath it. I could not be more pleased with this product.

-Sam Scholes

I wanted to let you know how much I like my Ebbe Pro Polished Chrome Cover. We remodeled our bathroom about a year ago, and our contractor said he “only installs Ebbe drains.” I now understand why. You have developed a functional product that looks great and is easy to clean. My wife sheds a of lot hair, and I like how easy it is to clean the drain every few weeks.

Ebbe makes the finest shower drains especially if you’ve tiles. It’s very trendy looking and suits perfectly. It has a durable metal-type cover over the solid plastic base that is pretty seamless and firmly molded/connected, and color harmonizes; I definitely recommend this one.” – Best Shower Drain Reviews in 2020

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