Ebbe Hair Traps

No one likes to have to dig hair out of the shower drain, but hair collection is inevitable. Say goodbye to those corrosive drain cleaners, headaches, and visits from the plumber!

Ebbe America’s patented hair trap design (flat, sharp tine edges and rounded-out bottom) allows water to flow freely while still catching the hair and debris. Perfect for septic tanks – stop clogs before they occur! 

Other drains have permanent hair traps or baskets that can be difficult to access and a nuisance to clean. The Ebbe hair traps are simply discarded and replaced along with the trapped hair and debris.

Already have a drain? You can use our Universal Hair Trap (SKU: E102)

Planning to install a new drain? Install the Ebbe Hair Trap (SKU: E103) that comes with your new Ebbe PRO or Ebbe UNIQUE shower drain cover. Removal is easy, simply lift the drain cover and replace the hair trap with a new one! Replacement hair traps are sold separately in packs of 8.

Even the Ebbe INNI Line Drain has a replaceable hair trap! (SKU: EILD-HT)

Whether you have long hair or short hair, our high-quality hair trap helps prevent clogged drains from trapping a lot of hair.

Get your Ebbe hair catcher today!