Ebbe Shower Hair Trap

Ebbe America’s hair trap is designed to stop hair and other debris from entering your drain pipe eliminating costly drain clogs. This Hair Trap is designed to specifically fit the Ebbe Square Riser (E4400).  Our patented design allows water to flow freely while still catching the hair and debris. Simply replace it every 2-3 months when the hair trap is full.

Flat, sharp edges of the tines are designed to catch hair and debris. The rounded edge of the tine on the bottom increases water flow. Also perfect for septic tanks – stop clogs before they occur!  Other drains have permanent hair traps or baskets and have to be cleaned. 

No one likes to have to dig hair out of the shower drain, but hair collection is inevitable. The Ebbe hair traps are simply discarded and replaced along with the trapped hair and debris.  Say goodbye to those corrosive drain cleaners. Save yourself time and effort by getting a shower drain hair catcher.

A shower drain hair catcher guards against hair and other debris. It is the perfect safeguard for your drain, catching debris without impeding water flow. Adding a hair catcher will also help prevent headaches and visits from the plumber.

Simply install the hair trap with your new Ebbe pro or Ebbe unique shower grate cover. On average, one hair trap lasts 2-3 months. At $10.95 for an 8-pack, that’s only $1.36 per trap! Whether you have long hair or short hair, our high-quality hair trap helps prevent clogged drains from trapping a lot of hair.

Removal is easy, simply lift the drain cover and replace the hair trap with a new one!