Ebbe BUILDER-Clamp Collar Drain Bundle - [ABS or PVC]

Ebbe BUILDER-Clamp Collar Drain Bundle [ABS or PVC]


Ebbe BUILDER-Clamp Collar Drain Bundle includes:
Ebbe Clamp Collar Drain (ECCD) (ABS or PVC)
– Ebbe Square Drain Riser
– Builder Drain Cover
– 2 Fast Weep Mesh

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SKU: EBDB-ABS – Ebbe ABS Builder Drain Bundle
SKU: EBDB-PVC – Ebbe PVC Builder Drain Bundle

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A high end drain on a builder budget.

Includes a Builder Drain Cover, a 2in / 3in Clamp Collar Drain, 2 Fast Weep Mesh, and an Ebbe Square Drain Riser.

Made of brushed stainless steel, the Builder Drain Cover is designed to last a lifetime.

If you ever want a different Drain Cover, our Pro and Unique Drain Covers fit in the included Square Drain Riser, making upgrades simple and convenient.

The included Ebbe Clamp Collar Drain is the latest in drain technology.

Not only does it combine all the best highlights from other drains, but includes original features for ease of installation and optimal function. These features include:

Raised Outer Rim: The raised rim helps you screed the pre-slope without hitting obstructions.

Clamp Heels: Clamp heels focus pressure on the outer edge of the clamping ring to provide the best clamp possible.

Internal Screws: The clamping bolts are located at the inner circumference of the drain. No need to make extra cuts or search for the bolts through the membrane.

Fits a 4″ subfloor cut: A 4-inch hole saw makes the perfect cut. No beveled edges, no odd shapes to chisel out.

Phillips head screws: Don’t waste time looking for that wrench or socket. Simply use your drill with a Phillips bit.

Thick Mortar Bed Compatible: Invert the clamping ring to accommodate mortar beds up to 4”.

Easy Subfloor Mounting: A flat flange with 4 mounting holes allows the drain to be securely fixed to the floor.

The Ebbe Square Drain Riser serves as the central hub for all of our grates.

  • It’s square shape means only easy straight cuts are needed, no difficult circle cuts
  • Built with a frameless appearance making it seamlessly blend in with surrounding tile, avoiding ugly screws
  • Smooth interior surfaces and our popular hair trap are easy to clean, requiring minimal maintenance

View Ebbe BUILDER-Clamp Collar Drain Spec Sheet