Ebbe BUILDER-Hot Mop Drain Bundle

Ebbe BUILDER-Hot Mop Drain Bundle


Ebbe BUILDER-Hot Mop Drain Bundle includes:
– Ebbe Compression Seal Drain (EUCSD)
– 2 Fast Weep Mesh
– Ebbe Square Drain Riser
– Builder Drain Cover


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A high end drain on a builder budget.

Includes a Builder Drain Cover, an Ebbe Compression Seal Drain, 2 Fast Weep Mesh, and an Ebbe Square Drain Riser.

Made of brushed stainless steel, the Builder Drain Cover is designed to last a lifetime.

If you ever want a different Drain Cover, our Pro and Unique Drain Covers fit in the included Square Drain Riser, making upgrades simple and convenient.

With the Ebbe BUILDER-Hot Mop Drain Bundle, there’s no need to buy cast iron or other hot mop drains!

Connects directly to a 2″ cast iron, ABS, or PVC waste pipe.

High strength polymer is rated to 400 degrees Fahrenheit for hot mop installations.

Fast Weep Mesh keeps mortar out of sensitive weep passages to keep water flowing.
No more pea gravel, spacers, or broken tile; simply pack the mortar directly over the Fast Weep Mesh.

The Ebbe Square Drain Riser serves as the central hub for all of our grates.

  • It’s square shape means only easy straight cuts are needed, no difficult circle cuts
  • Built with a frameless appearance making it seamlessly blend in with surrounding tile, avoiding ugly screws
  • Smooth interior surfaces and our popular hair trap are easy to clean, requiring minimal maintenance