Ebbe VERSA Bond Flange Bundle

The “Swiss Army” knife of shower drains

The Ebbe VERSA Bond Flange Drain base [ABS or PVC] can be installed in multiple different ways for your specific needs.

VERSA comes complete with waterproof fabric faces bonded at the factory.

Combine the VERSA with the Ebbe Subfloor Lowering Kit for a barrier-free/ADA shower, laundry, or utility room.



Low Profile Installation

Need an ultra-low profile drain?

  • Perfect for curb-less, barrier free and American Disability Act
    (ADA) showers.
  • ¼” thick outer flange directly on subfloor.
  • Connects directly to 2” or 3” waste pipe with Waste Pipe Connector (included).
  • Low profile installation requires a bonded mortar bed, or pre-manufactured shower tray.
  • Large recess allows the Riser to be flush with the Bond Flange

Mortar Bed or Foam Pan Installation

Need a bonding flange drain for surface waterproofing?

  • Surface waterproofing solution for foam tray or mortar bed installations.
  • Center Well is a built in weep area.
  • Only surface waterproof over the fabric.
  • Connects directly to 2” or 3” waste pipe with Waste Pipe Connector (included).

Mortar Bed Installation

Have an existing drain, and want to convert it to surface waterproofing?

  • Remodeling? No need to remove an existing clamp collar drain.
  • Attach VERSA Bond Flange in place of the
    clamping ring to convert to surface
    waterproofing, or foam tray shower system.

Complete your installation with an Ebbe Pro or Ebbe Unique Drain Cover,
designed to fit in the included Ebbe Square Drain Riser

ebbe unique luxury drain covers