INNI Cleaning BRUSH Set (Length Required)

INNI Cleaning BRUSH Set (Length Required)


21″ Slot Brush
Main Channel Brush (Cut to Order)
Made of: Flexible Graphite, Anti-Microbial Plastic, Nylon Fibers and Surgical Stainless Steel
Ebbe SKU: E6103

Inni Care and Maintenance Instructions

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Cleaning Brush Kits have been specifically designed to make maintenance of your INNI drain effortless. Through the access opening, flexible graphite shafts with shaped brush heads clean all interior surfaces with a simple push-pull motion. Made of durable non-corrosive materials these cleaning brushes will give years of carefree service.

When ordering cleaning brushes we need to know how long to make the Channel Brush. Let us know the distance between the center of the access opening to the farthest end of the slot.

Purchase Requirement: We will custom cut the Main Channel brush so it works perfectly with your drain, all we need is the distance from the Access Cover to farthest end of the longest slot.