UNIVERSAL Shower Hair Trap (12-Pack)

UNIVERSAL Shower Hair Trap (12-Pack)


Universal Shower Drain Hair Trap is designed to fit other manufactur’s drains.
Now you can use Ebbe’s patented hair catcher if you don’t own an Ebbe shower drain.
We created indention’s on the sides, to be compatible with traditional shower drains that have screws.
If it fits physically, it protects your drain from hair and debris.

    • 2.75″ diameter
    • Stops drain clogging hair. Perfect for septic systems
    • Eco-friendly, no harsh chemicals
    • Hidden from view below the drain cover
    • Fits most residential shower drains
    • 12 hair traps included

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The ebbe Universal Hair Trap is designed to fit most residential shower drains and stops drain clogging hair and debris before entering your pipes. To install, remove the drain cover and place the hair trap in position as shown and INSERT the drain cover. Remove the drain cover and INSERT hair traps as needed.