Ebbe INNI Care and Maintenance Guide

Ebbe INNI Care and Maintenance Guide

Recommended Cleaning Agents

  • Most typical bathroom cleaners and bleach are safe to use.

  • Avoid overly acidic or basic cleaners.

1. Remove the Access Cover by pushing down on the black tab at the center of the Access Cover with a screwdriver, putty knife, or similar tool. The Access Cover will pop up and allow you to grab and remove it.

2. Using a cleaning agent as recommended above, apply an ample amount into the Drain Channel from the top side and also into the Main Channel through the Access Opening.

3. Holding the D-shaped Brush with your finger, lower the Brush into the Access Opening with the straight side parallel to the Drain Channel. Push the Brush forward into the Main Channel and pull back and forth several times to clean. If possible, avoid rubbing the Brush shaft on the lower perimeter of the Access Cover Frame.

Note: Make sure to push the D-shaped Brush to the end of the channel, moving any debris to the Drain Channel. (Tile not shown for clarity)

4. Use the round Brush to clean the Drain Channel. The metal portion of the brush head can be formed as needed to access the Drain Channel more effectively.

5. After brushing, flush the Drain Channel with several gallons of warm water.

6. Remove and replace the hair trap as needed.

7. Before re-installing the Access Cover apply wax or petroleum jelly around perimeter to aid in future removal.

8. Re-Install the Access Cover by angling the cover down to the Drain Channel until the ball detents catch the Access Cover Frame. Push the cover down until flush.