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Subfloor Lowering Kit

for Barrier Free, Curb-less, and ADA showers

Quickly and easily lower a subfloor between the joists for barrier free curb-less showers.

Perfect for ADA Showers (American Disability Act) that need wheelchair access.

Get that chic modern shower that you’re looking for.


Joist Brackets (x15)          Wood Screws (x81)
Wall Brackets (x6)            Joist Hanger Nails (x36)

  • One Kit lowers up to 24SF
  • &nbsp

  • Max Bracket spacing 36″ OC
  • &nbsp

  • Designed for I-Joists, but also works with dimensional joists
  • &nbsp

  • Avoid Joist penetrations and need for web stiffeners
  • &nbsp

  • Wall brackets can be bent and used in different locations as needed
  • &nbsp

  • 2×4’s can be ripped down for thicker sub-floors
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  • Use of adhesive at bracket seats and subfloor recommended
Brackets need to be spaced at a maximum of 36″ to achieve L/360 with a live load of 40PSF and a dead load of 20PSF. Each Bracket supports up to 600lbs.

You supply the 2×4 lumber that will sit on the brackets. We recommend structural grade 2 or better douglas fir, larch or pine.

Perfect for I-Joists because you install the bracket on top of the I-Joist. Instead of attaching the 2×4 support to the side of the I-Joist.