Ebbe Bond Flange

Installation Instructions

With Height Adjustment Posts

Without Height Adjustment Posts

Step 1 – Prepare the substrate and waste pipe for the Ebbe Bond Flange

-Create a 6 inch circle in your substarate around the waste pipe. 
This allows enough room for the center well so the Bond Flange sits flat on top of the substrate.

-Make sure the Bond Flange can connect to the waste pipe.   
The top of the waste pipe should be 2-⅛ to 2-¼ inch below the top of the substrate.  Make adjustments to the waste pipe if needed.

-Ensure the Bond Flange will be level with the tileable surface once secured to the substrate.  Shim if needed.

-(Optional) Height Adjustment Posts for thicker foam pans or mortar beds.

-Use Height Adjustment Posts (included) if you need to raise the height of the Bond Flange to match your tileable surface.

-Posts raise the Ebbe Bond Flange 7/16 inch.

Height Adjustment Posts

Place the Height Posts over the mounting holes on the bottom of the Bond Flange.

Center hole design allows the fastener to go through the Posts and Bond Flange into the substrate.

-Height Posts raise the Ebbe Bond Flange 7/16 inch.
-Total height of the Bond Flange is 1 inch, with Height Posts.
-Do not use Posts with Schluter.
-Use Posts with Laticrete.

 Step 2: Connect the Bond Flange to the waste pipe:

-Apply thinset around the 6 inch hole for extra adhesion to the Bond Flange.

-Apply thinset to the bottom of the Ebbe Bond Flange

-Apply the appropriate solvent cement to the Bushing and waste pipe.
Simultaneously, push and twist the Bond Flange onto the waste pipe until seated

-Fasten the Bond Flange to the substrate.
If installing over concrete use appropriate fasteners. (fasteners not included) 

-Ensure the Bond Flange is level and secure.

Step 3:  Waterproof the Bond Flange to the shower pan:

-Use fiberglass mesh tape over the transitions from the Bond Flange to the shower pan. 

-Generously apply liquid waterproofing. Completely cover the entire shower pan and the fabric on the Bond Flange.
NOTE:  Do not cover the center well (without fabric) with liquid waterproofing.

-Follow liquid waterproofing manufacturer’s suggested installation instructions.

Step 4:  Adjust the Riser height:

-Set the height of the Riser (or drain head) to be flush (or slightly lower) with the tileable surface surrounding the Bond Flange.

-After the Riser is set to height and position, pack deck mud around the Riser.

-Do not waterproof over the deck mud.
It is important to allow weep water to escape through the deck mud and into the Bond Flange.

Step 5:  Install tile and enjoy your Ebbe Drain.