Ebbe Bond Flange: Installation Instructions

Step 1: Dry fit the Ebbe Bond Flange: 

-Make sure the Bond Flange can connect to the waste pipe.  Make adjustments to the waste pipe if needed. The top of the waste pipe should be 2-⅛ to 2-¼ inch below the substrate.

-Ensure the Bond Flange will be level once secured to the substrate.  If needed, shim the Bond Flange to ensure it’s level.

-(Optional) Use Height Adjustment Posts (included).  If you need to raise the height of the Bond Flange to match your sloped foam pan. Posts raise the Bond Flange 7/16 inch.

Step 2: Connect the Bond Flange to the waste pipe:

-Use ABS cement to connect the ABS Bond Flange to an ABS waste pipe.

-Use PVC cement to connect the PVC Bond Flange to a PVC waste pipe.

-Apply thinset to the bottom of the Bond Flange for support and adhesion.

-Fasten the Bond Flange to the substrate.  (fasteners not included)  If installing over concrete use appropriate fasteners.

-Ensure the Bond Flange is level and secure.

Step 3:  Waterproof the Bond Flange to the shower pan:

-Use fiberglass mesh tape over the transitions from the Bond Flange to the shower pan.

-Generously apply liquid waterproofing. Completely cover the entire shower pan and the fabric on the Bond Flange.

-Follow waterproofing manufacturer’s suggested installation instructions.

Step 4:  Dry fit tile and set the Riser height:

-Dry fit the tile over the entire floor.

-Set the height of the Riser (or drain head) to be flush (or slightly lower) with the immediate tile surrounding the Bond Flange.

– NOTE:  The well around the Riser allows for last minute adjustments to the height of the Riser before the tile is set. 

-After the riser is set to height and position, pack deck mud around the Riser.

-Weep water is allowed to escape through the deck mud and into the Bond Flange


Step 5:  Install tile