Removing a “stuck” ebbe Grate

 Instructions: Shower Drain Grates that have not been removed and cleaned during three or more months of daily use can become cemented in position by water scale.  This can happen even if the shower has had “soft” treated water.  Use the E107 kit to safely remove any EZ4400 or E4400 series grate that will not pull out with a standard ebbe Drain Grate Puller.

  •          Fold and install 4 nylon REPLACEs into round corner holes as shown.
  •          Thread a thumb screw into each until screws reach bottom.
  •          Rotate each screw one turn at a time until the grate is extracted.
  •          Clean the grate and drain pocket with a non-abrasive acid neutral cleaner.  Remove scale from grate and pocket edges before re-installing.

Grate Extractor Kit

(8 Pieces)