Ebbe Unique Line

Why do I want an Ebbe UNIQUE Drain Cover in my shower?
-Unique Style:
Ebbe Unique Drain Covers have 8 different designs to choose from. You will find the design that fits your style.

-Seamless Decor:
Four different finishes: polished chrome, matte black, brushed gold, and brushed nickel.

-Frame-less Design:
All you see is tile, grout and the Drain Cover. You don’t see a frame or ugly screws. This makes your shower floor look fantastic!

If you have a PRO Shower Drain Cover, simply remove the Pro Cover and replace with a Unique Cover.
You are looking for the right Drain Cover to match your Bold Fixtures in your dream bathroom. Look above to find the right finish and design for your perfect shower.

What makes Ebbe UNIQUE Drain Covers the best on the market?

Ebbe Unique Shower Drain Covers are 3/16in thick solid stainless steel and supports up to 1,000 lbs.

-No Screws:
You won’t lose those micro screws down the drain because there aren’t any screws to lose.

-Easy Maintenance:
Drain Cover is easily removed. This gives you access to our patented Hair Trap.

No sharp edges! All of the edges are chamfered. Which provides comfort for sensitive feet. Chamfered edges increase flow of water. (Unchamfered sharp edges create water tension and inhibits water flow.).

-Square Shower Drain:
A square shower drain insures tile cuts around the drain cover look amazing. How many circular drains have you seen with ugly tile cuts around the drain cover?

Includes one Unique Drain Cover Remover (Hooked T-Puller)

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