Ebbe KERB - Medium Curb - Polished Chrome

Ebbe KERB Medium Curb Polished Chrome


The Medium Curb is 1.5 inches tall surface and supports larger slopes within the shower floor.

Available in four lengths to best suit your installation:

  • 37.5in (SKU EK-MC375-PC)
  • 47in (SKU EK-MC470-PC)
  • 66in (SKU EK-MC660-PC)
  • 75in (SKU EK-MC750-PC)

(All variations can be further cut to size on the jobsite)

View Ebbe KERB – Medium Curb – Specification Sheet

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Flawless installation. Functional design.

KERB’s are the contemporary solution for today’s showers.

These low-profile curbs come in a variety of finishes that snap into place for quick and easy installation. And, to make a good thing even better, our KERB’s can be utilized as a functional glass frame, saving you time, energy, and expense!

– Save time and frustration by eliminating the need to build, waterproof, and tile a “traditional” curb
– Allows shower doors to swing in or out
– Provides leak free mounting for glass enclosures. No more holes drilled through your waterproofing!
– Contemporary design with the function and security of a tiled shower curb.

    • Allows the shower floor to be higher than the bathroom floor.
    • Helps eliminate the need for costly structural framing changes
    • Shower can be up to 2’ larger by providing an additional ½” of vertical fall

View Ebbe KERB – Medium Curb – Specification Sheet