PRO Drain Cover - Brushed Bronze

PRO Drain Cover Brushed Bronze


3 3/4in Square
Drain Cover Remover Included
Limited Lifetime Warranty

IMPORTANT: You must have an Ebbe Square Riser to use this Drain Cover.

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Ebbe drains are chosen by homeowners and specified by architects and designers everywhere. They bring together in one product a level of attention to detail not found in any other drain. Our drains are easy to maintain, easy to install, and compliment your tile and stone.

Ebbe PRO Drain Covers are made with a stainless steel cover over a polycarbonate base giving it strength and durability. It’s structure can hold up to 1,000 pounds and the PVD finish is backed by our Lifetime Warranty, guaranteed to last you years to come.

Ebbe PRO Drain Cover Spec Sheet
Ebbe PRO Drain Cover Installation Guide

1 review for PRO Drain Cover – Brushed Bronze

  1. Anonymous

    Which Ebbe rough out does this attache to?

  2. Ebbe_America

    All grates will fit into all Ebbe Drain rough in’s. You choose which is needed based on your plumbing.

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The Ebbe PRO series Hair Trap (SKU: E103) comes with the Ebbe Square Riser (E4400) and replacement traps come in packs of 8. Our Hair Traps keep hair and debris out of your waste pipe for easy cleaning and maintenance.

The Ebbe PRO Drain Cover Remover (SKU: E106) comes with your PRO Drain Cover. Replacement removers come in packs of 2. Just thread into any corner of an installed cover for removal.

The Ebbe WAX Stick (SKU: E101) can be used during installation and maintenance to keep the drain cover from sticking in place.

Item Dimensions: 3.75″ x 3.75″ x 0.43″

Ebbe PRO Spec Sheet PDF

Ebbe PRO Installation Guide PDF

Ebbe Square Drain Installation Video