BUBBLES - Brushed Nickel - Unique Drain Cover

BUBBLES Brushed Nickel Unique Drain Cover


3 3/4in Square
Solid Stainless Steel
Drain Cover Remover Included
Limited Lifetime Warranty

IMPORTANT: You must have an Ebbe Square Riser to use this Drain Cover.

Bubbles, Brushed Nickel, Ebbe Unique Drain Cover

Ebbe SKU: E4812-BN

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Ebbe drains are chosen by homeowners and specified by architects and designers everywhere. They bring together in one product a level of attention to detail not found in any other drain. Our drains are easy to maintain, easy to install, and compliment your tile and stone.

The Ebbe Unique series drain covers are high-end, luxury drain covers for your perfect shower. With 8 designs and 4 finishes, we have the design to fit your style. Not only are they beautiful, but they are also made of 304 solid stainless steel to last a lifetime. You won’t find a superior drain cover on the market.

See “product specs” for more details


All Ebbe UNIQUE Drain Covers require the Ebbe Square Riser (E4400).




For sub-surface waterproofing/standard mortar bed:


For surface waterproofing/shower pans:


For hot mop application:




The Ebbe UNIQUE series Hair Trap (SKU: E103) comes with the Ebbe Square Riser (E4400) and replacement traps come in packs of 8. Our Hair Traps keep hair and debris out of your waste pipe for easy cleaning and maintenance.

The Ebbe UNIQUE Drain Cover Remover (SKU: E106) comes with your Unique Drain Cover. Replacement removers come in packs of 2. Just insert into any cover hole of an installed cover and pull for removal.

The Ebbe WAX Stick (SKU: E101) can be used during installation and maintenance to keep the drain cover from sticking in place.

Item Dimensions: 3.75″ x 3.75″ x 0.19″

Ebbe UNIQUE – Bubbles Spec Sheets PDF

Ebbe UNIQUE Installation Guide PDF

Ebbe Square Drain Installation Video