General Installation

Attaching to common Plastic shower drain fittings

Ebbe Drains fit directly into most common 2″ (pipe size) ABS or PVC 3 piece shower drain fittings.  The E4400 Square Drain Riser & Plug replaces the round “Riser” or “Inlet” portion of these drains.  In most cases this simply requires the round “Riser” or “inlet” portion of the drain to be removed and replaced by the E4400.

The fit between the E4400 and the clamping flange of each drain brand will vary.  Some will fit looser than others.  If the fit is too loose to create good thread engagement Teflon plumbers tape can be used to build up the E4400 to a larger diameter as needed to create a snug fit.  The sole purpose of the threaded fit is to allow the E4400 to be raised by unscrewing it later in the process of building and tiling the shower floor.  It is helpful to realize that these threads are not intended to ultimately carry the structural load of foot traffic over the drain.  Those loads are carried by the mortar bed that is packed beneath and around the square bowl of the E4400 drain riser when properly constructed.

If possible, bring the E4400 with you when selecting a mating drain fitting.


Ebbe makes a limited number of adapters that will alter some specific drain types to be compatible with the E4400 Drain Riser.  These are usually drains that are popular within select geographic regions of the USA and Canada.

E202 Rubinet Adapter

E203 Dallas Specialty

E206 3″ SCH 40 Pipe Adapter

E207 4″ Zurn 415 Series

E208 H-Mop Adapter Kit II

E209 AB&A Adapter
E210B(Mobile)E210 H-Mop With Screed Collar E211 (Mobile)E211 J R Smith 2005

Replace the round drain riser portion of a common 3 piece shower drain with the ebbe Square Drain Riser & Plug.  Adjust the E4400 to proper mortar bed height.

NTCA specifications require that the minimum mortar bed thickness at the drain be no less than 1 3/8″ thick.  We assume that this means the thickness above the waterproofing membrane.  This is the requirement when building a common “floating” mortar bed.  One that does not bond to the waterproofing material below it.  Non-bonding waterproofing materials include flexible sheet vinyl, rubber, Chloraloy, and Hot Tar.

There is no such thickness requirement when the mortar bed is installed over a bondable waterproofing such as a fabric faced membrane, pressure sensitive faced composite, or a properly applied liquid waterproofing layer.

  1. Install, compact and screed a sloped mortar bed to
    the top of the E4400 drain Plug surface.  While the mortar is still
    workable clear and maintain a 6″ diameter mortar free area around the drain to
    permit the E4400 to be raised by unscrewing.
  2. Raise the Drain Riser by twisting it out to the
    desired tile + thinset mortar height soon after the slope is established.
  3. Compact and screed mortar immediately around and
    beneath the E4400.
  4. Check tile height again.  Make any height
    adjustments now.  It is a better practice to make the drain slightly high
    rather than too low.  You can always float the tile higher with more
    mortar behind it.  Allow the mortar bed to cure.
  5. Install tile over the cured mortar bed. Grout the shower as usual and to the E4400 keeping the Plug in place.  Keep the grout level as high as possible surrounding the drain.  Do not remove the Plug until the grout has thoroughly cured.  The plug keeps the drain opening absolutely square and at the perfect size for a proper fit to the Drain Grate.  Removing the plug prematurely can cause the grout to crack and will create an improper fit to the grate.

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