Ebbe Unique Drain Covers

Whether you are building a new shower, remodeling, or updating an old shower the drain cover is often overlooked.   Why settle for the ordinary and mundane “builder grade’ drain cover?  You can choose a drain cover that is unique and interesting and fits your personal style. Homeowners, architects, and designers demand Ebbe Unique drain covers for dream bathrooms everywhere. 

Ebbe Unique drain covers provide a level of attention to detail not found in any other drain cover. Our drain covers are easy to maintain, easy to install and blend seamlessly with your bath fixtures. A perfect addition to your bathroom remodel or build-out. Add your personality and uniqueness to your home.

Be sure to check our Instagram to check out images of our drain covers in use. Whether your bathroom is big or small, your shower can go from plain to striking with some planning and special accent pieces. Your shower will be the focus of your bathroom with an Ebbe Unique square drain cover. Don’t let someone else tell you do go with a generic cover,  chose your own unique design and style.

Ready now? Purchase your beautiful designer Ebbe drain cover today!

Why Choose an Ebbe America Unique Drain Cover?

  • Unique
    • Every Ebbe drain grate cover comes with our patented hair trap – no more digging around the drain to remove hair and no more Drano!
  • Durable
    • Ebbe Unique Drain Covers are 3/16” solid stainless steel.
  • Comfortable
    • Chamfered edges allow for better water flow while also being comfortable to stand on.
  • Individual Style
    • Choose from 14 styles, in 9 finishes – including polished chrome, matte black, brushed gold, oil rubbed bronze, brushed nickel, satin nickel brushed stainless polished stainless and satin stainless (stainless steel finishes are natural and do not have a coating).
  • Frameless Design
    • All you see is the cover of the grout and tile.  What you won’t see is an additional shadow line surrounding the cover. This provides a clean consistent visual appeal.
  • Simple Maintenance
    • Drain cover is quickly removed for maintenance and cleaning. Unlike other covers, there are no tiny screws to loose down the drain or rust.
  • Square Shower Drain
    • A square drain ensures the tile cuts around the drain are easy to make, creating a more uniform grout line around the cover.
  • Designer Look
    • The ultra-flat stainless steel reflects perfect images and light from the chamfered edges making the drain cover pop like a crystal chandelier. 
  • Easily Updated
    • The easy snap-in design lets you quickly change out your grate cover for a new one.
  • Warranty
    • Lifetime finish warranty on PVD and Chrome Coated covers.

Why Choose Ebbe-America?

  • American small business
  • In business since 2004
  • American design and manufacturing
  • Designed to last 
  • Lifetime finish warranty

Visit our Unique drain cover product page to see our selections and purchase today! We have a variety of beautiful designs and finishes to choose from.

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