Ebbe Square Riser Installation Instructions

These instructions begin after your drain base is properly installed and waterproofed. Please contact the drain base manufacturer if you are unsure.

Ebbe Square Riser (E4400) is compatable with:

Ebbe Clamp Collar Drain (E4022, E4024)

Ebbe VERSA Drain (E4026, E4028)

Step 1: Thread Riser into Drain Base

Note: The image here shows a clamp collar drain which is very common. Your drain may look slightly different. If you can thread the Riser into your drain base you are good.

The Riser may fit loosely into the threads of the drain base. This is OK. The Riser will be supported by the mortar bed.

If it doesnt fit, see www.ebbe-america.com for adapters that fit Zurn, Jay R Smith, Dallas and other drains.


Very Important: Make sure the green Construction Plug is inside the Riser during mortar bed and tile installation.

This keeps debris out of the waste pipe, and helps maintain the Riser shape and size so that an Ebbe PRO or UNIQUE Cover fits perfectly.

If the Construction Plug is not used, it could result in a debris filled waste pipe and/or a drain cover that does not fit.


Step 2: Adjust Height of Riser

– Adjust the Riser so the top of the construction Plug will be flush or slightly below the tile oncew installed. (Don’t forget to account for the thinset mortar)

Install mortar bed and tile.

Warning: If the Riser is higher than the tile, your shower will not drain properly and result in puddling water. No adjustments to height can be made after the mortar bed has set.

Pro Tip: Verify that the riser is rotated to the correct orientation to avoid uneven cuts.


Step 3: Install Grout

– Grout as normal, treating construction plug as a tile.

Step 4: Remove the Construction Plug and install your Drain Cover

Allow 24 hours for the grout and mortar to cure before removing construction plug