Why are Ebbe shower drains better than the rest?

At Ebbe we are never satisfied with the status quo. For this reason, we are constantly innovating and improving on our designs to provide the best installation and everyday experience possible. So what makes an Ebbe drain the best drain for your shower?

Hair traps:

Ebbe’s hair traps are the best!  With a hair trap it is simple and easy to keep your shower drain free of clogs.

Durable finishes:

Not only are PRO shower drain covers are durable, they have a PVD finish so they don’t peel, flake or fade.

No tiny screws:

Ebbe drain covers are smooth, so you don’t have to worry about losing or damaging the tiny screws when you access your shower drain.

Artfully crafted:

Shaped and polished, UNIQUE drain covers come in 8 beautiful designs and 4 finishes that make your shower shine like a diamond.


Not only is the  LEGACY Tile-in drain made of solid forged brass, it lasts a lifetime…or longer!

Easy Installation:

We design Ebbe shower drains with the installer in mind.

Easy maintenance:

In order to make it easy to keep your shower clean, we design our drains with smooth interior surfaces, hair traps, and easy access to your pipe.


The INNI is unquestionably one of the best, most versatile linear shower drains on the market. With a minimum length of 22” and a maximum length of 73 ⅜”,  it is especially easy to install in any shower. Additionaly, an INNI can be coupled with another INNI for showers that are larger than 73 ⅜”. 

Which type of shower drain is best for you?

Traditional Drain
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Tile-In Drain
Line Drain
→ Traditional Shower Drain (or centerpoint drain)

Most shower drains are traditional drains. They generally install in the center of the shower, which is why they are also called centerpoint drains.

Ebbe has two different styles of traditional shower drains.

Not only is PRO our most affordable drain cover, but it is also designed with a durable PVD finish that doesn’t chip, flake or fade. As a matter of fact, our Pro finish is guaranteed for a lifetime!


Click here to see PRO’s 10 different finishes

Compared to standard drain covers, UNIQUE drains are luxury covers for high-end showers. The UNIQUE designs are sculpted into forged brass, creating stunning pieces of art that are perfect for your spa-like shower.

Click here to see UNIQUE’s 8 designs and
4 different finishes
→ Tile-in Shower Drain

Comparitively, if you prefer the look of your tile and want a more subtle appearance, then a tile-in drain is best for your shower.

Because it’s made of 100% solid forged brass, LEGACY Tile-in Drains are built to last a lifetime . . . or longer!

Click here to see LEGACY’S different sizes and finishes.

→ Shower Line Drain

Accordingly, if you have large shower tiles, then you should consider a linear (line) drain. It basically spans one whole side of the shower, thus allowing for a simple slope to the drain. As can be seen, it is a true linear drain. 

Compared to other line drains, the INNI line is almost invisible. What’s even more is its versatility. It can be installed up against the wall, in the shadow of the wall, or at the shower entry.

By the same token, the INNI is also the best way to have larger tiles installed in your shower with little to no grout lines, creating a more contemporary look. The drain access tray is also easily removed for quick cleaning and hair trap removal.

Click here to see the INNI drain.