Ebbe Plastic Pipe Puller for ABS and PVC Pipe


The Ebbe Pipe Puller uses a steel plate to grip the inside of your pipe without damaging it.  Once locked into place with proper alignment, you can easily pull the waste pipe and drain base together for a complete, watertight connection.



The knob handle gives you a firm grasp on the tool and is small enough to slide the drain or fitting over it. 

After gluing the pipe and fixture, slide the drain fixture over the knob and onto the pipe and pull them completely together.

The Pipe Puller comes with Gripper Plates for 1.5in, 2in, and 3in pipe.

This simple tool gives you the confidence to make watertight connections without ripping up your subfloor or cutting through the ceiling below to gain access to the waste pipe.

Choose easy, Choose Ebbe!



Grip the waste Pipe

-Insert Puller into pipe at an angle
-Straighten the Puller in-line with the pipe so it “grips” the internal surface

Note:  Gripper Plate should be approximately 2in or more below the top of the pipe



Connect the waste pipe to the fixture

-Apply pipe cement to fixture and pipe
-Slide fixture over the Puller and onto the pipe
-Seat the fixture and pipe together by pulling them in opposite directions
-Hold until set
-Angle Puller to remove



Frequently Asked Questions

Are the Gripper Plates easy to lose?
No. The Grip Plates are stored on the Shaft when not in use.

Is the Ebbe Pipe Puller for showers only?
No. The Pipe Puller connects 1.5in, 2in, 3in drains, toilet flanges, any hard-to-reach plastic pipe.

Is the Pipe Puller flimsy? Will it wear out after a few uses?
No. The Puller is made with galvanized steel and 3/16in thick solid steel gripper plates.
This is a well-built tool that will last for years.

Can I use the Plastic Pipe Puller with metal or cast iron pipes?
No. Plastic Pipes only. The Grip Plate does not create a bulge to grip with metal or cast iron pipes.

Can I use the Puller with a tub?
No, under a drain in a tub is a threaded tub shoe.
The threads on the tub shoe are used to connect the tub drain. The Pipe Puller would damage the threads.
Also, you don’t have the depth (Gripper Plate should be approximately 2in or more below the top of the pipe) to make a solid connection.

Do I have tear out my subfloor or rip out the ceiling to connect with my waste pipe?
No. The ebbe Pipe Puller lets you get a solid hold of the pipe before you start tearing apart your house.



When do I use the Ebbe Plastic Pipe Puller?

You’re installing a shower pan.
The waste pipe is not perfectly lining up with your shower pan. Use the Ebbe Puller to get a solid hold on the pipe and align the pipe to your shower pan. Discretion is advised when doing this so as to not create too much stress on preexisting pipe joints. 
Don’t stop there.  You have a solid hold on the pipe.  You can now insure a perfect connection.

You’re remodeling your shower.
When you cut the existing drain off the waste pipe it is not supported and drops into a hard-to-reach position.  No need to tear up the subfloor or rip out the ceiling below to get access. Use the Pipe Puller to reach in and get a grip on the pipe and glue on your new drain.

You’re in an apartment, condo, or any multi-family building.
You don’t have access to the space below, which means you can’t tear out the ceiling to get access to the hard-to-reach waste pipe.  The Pipe Puller gets a connection on that pipe and lets you work on it from above.

You’re installing or remodeling a kitchen sink or bathroom sink
Are you trying to connect a loose pipe behind the wall to a trap or a fitting?  Use the Pipe Puller to hold the loose pipe while you glue and install the adapter of the fitting.

You want to stub up or stub out your plumbing pipes.
The Pipe Puller makes it easier to connect plastic pipes in hard-to-reach areas.

You’re changing your drain.
You cut the existing drain fixture of your waste pipe and the pipe is hard to reach under your subfloor. Use the Puller to get a good hold of the pipe and make the perfect connection with your new drain.

You need to move the location of your drain.
Use the Pipe Puller to connect your pipes in the new location and you have confidence that you have watertight connections.


Use the ebbe Pipe Puller anytime for a perfect connection

If the waste pipe is not perfectly mounted or secure it will move as you’re connecting a drain to it.  When you press the drain onto the waste pipe, it also presses the waste pipe down.
Is it connected?  Is it connected enough?  When you use the Ebbe Pipe Puller to get a solid hold on the pipe you have complete confidence that you have a watertight connection.

Anytime you want a solid connection to a plastic pipe.  The Pipe Puller is there to give you that rock solid grip, you can manipulate and move the waste pipe into the correct position which gives you confidence in a secure connection with out ripping up your subfloor or ceiling below.

Show the pipe who’s Boss with the Ebbe Pipe Puller!