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High Curb

Low Curb

  • Contemporary design with the function and security of a tiled shower curb
  • Leak-free mounting for glass enclosures
  • Allows shower doors to swing in or out
  • Eliminates the need to build, waterproof, and tile a “traditional” curb
  • The Low Curb is 1.1 inches tall and is perfect for low profile ADA showers and wheelchair access.
  • The High Curb is 1.5 inches tall surface and supports larger slopes within the shower floor.
Ebbe KERB Installation Guide

Click Here to view uneven floor installation

Ebbe KERB Installation Guide

Tap Here to view uneven floor installation

1. Apply surface waterproofing (following manufacturers instructions) over the entire shower floor, with at least 3″ up the walls and 6″ past the Kerb into the “dry” area. 

Short Curb Install 2
2. Cut Ebbe Kerb to fit from wall to wall leaving ⅛” gap at each end (ex. If the space measures 40” the Kerb should be cut to 39-¾”).

Pro Tip: To get an accurate measurement from wall to wall measure from the left wall and make a mark at 10”, then measure the distance from the right wall to the mark you just made, and add 10” to that number. 

Example: After marking the floor at 10”. The measurement from the other wall to the mark is 32 ½”. You would cut the Kerb to 42 ¼” 

3. Chalk or draw a line on the floor where the Kerb will be located.


Pro Tip: The Kerb can be used as a straight edge to mark the floor  

Short Curb Install 3

Do not connect the Kerb to the Mounting Bars yet!  

Once attached you will be able to adjust the Kerb side to side, but not remove the Kerb.

4. Lay out Mounting Bars along the line and cut final Mounting Bar as needed.
(Keep at least two Mounting Holes in cut Mounting Bar)

4a. If attaching to concrete, mark the hole locations and drill for concrete anchors. 

Short Curb Install 4
5.) Apply a continuous bead of sealant ½” from the line you made in step 3.

Bed the Mounting Bars into the sealant and fasten them to the floor using all holes.  

Note: Fasten the Mounting Bar 1/16” back from the line you made in step 3. 

Adjust the Mounting Bars as needed so they are in a straight line.

Short Curb Install 6
Mounting Bar Profile
(Floor Side)

Install the Kerb when the sealant is wet. 

If the sealant dries before installing the Kerb, it will harden, making it impossible for the Kerb to fit over to the Mounting Bars.

6. After the Mounting Bars are attached to the substrate. Apply a generous bead of sealant to the top of the fastened Mounting Bars and up each wall 1”.  

Install the Kerb:  Starting at one end of the Mounting Bars begin to push the Kerb down over the Mounting Bar until it “clicks” into place.

Short Curb Install 7.1
Short Curb Install 9

7. Apply sealant between the end of the Kerb and the waterproofed wall. Remove any excess sealant that might interfere with the Kerb Cap or glass installation.

8. Install tile at floors and walls.
9. Glass Installation: Ebbe Kerb comes with Glass Supports that align and cushion ⅜” glass within the Kerb Channel. Fold the Glass Support so that it forms a ⅜” wide “U” Shape. If it is not ⅜” wide, fold it back the other direction.
Kerb Cap

Glass Support End Profile2
(Folded Glass Support profile)

Glass Support Simple Render 2
Short Curb Install 11
10. Kerb Cap installation:
Kerb Cap should be installed after glass, if no glass is to be installed, use a small amount of sealant to secure the Kerb Cap in place. Remove any excess sealant.
Installation Freedom
Tall Curb Install 10.5
    • Allows the shower floor to be higher than the bathroom floor. 
    • Helps eliminate the need for costly structural framing changes 
    • Shower can be up to 2’ larger by providing an additional ½” of vertical fall with the High Kerb.
Install as described above with the following exceptions:
Tall Curb Install 2
1.)  Apply surface waterproofing (following manufacturers instructions) over the entire shower floor, with at least 6 inches into the walls, along the outside of the slope, and non-shower area.
2.)6.) Continue your install according to the installation section above.
7.) After connecting the Kerb to the Mounting Bars and applying sealant between the end of the Kerb and the wall.  

Apply sealant between the shower floor slope and the Kerb.

Tall Curb Install 9
8.)10.) Finish installing according to the installation section above.