The True Linear Drain

What makes the Ebbe INNI a “True” Linear Drain?

The Ebbe INNI is installed wall to wall while most line drains are not.

If it’s not wall to wall, its not a true linear drain. This means other “linear” drains are really just elongated, center drains that don’t reach the walls. If you are looking for a flat, single slope floor, the INNI is the drain you need. No more odd tile cuts; No more flat spots around the drain edges.
As a single channel, the Ebbe INNI is a simple line on your shower floor.

INNI has no massive, metal grate or tile-in panel to maneuver and maintain. This means you will only see your beautiful tile for a clean, contemporary look.

The Ebbe INNI provides ultimate installation flexibility
– There are 4 primary installation locations (see diagram).
– The INNI can be cut to size on-site between 73 3/8 in. – 22 in.
– Multiple INNI drains can be coupled together creating a longer channel (*with every drain coupled an additional waste pipe is required).
– The INNI can be cut to compensate for an off center waste pipe.

Designer / Homeowner

Interior Slope:
The INNI has an A.S.M.E. compliant, interior slope that keeps water flowing to your waste pipe. This keeps your INNI fresh and reduces time spent on cleaning and maintenance.

Nearly Invisible:
The INNI Drain Body is “Tiled Over”, only revealing a 0.34 inch wide drain channel where water enters.

Easy Access:
No heavy, awkward stainless steel or tile-in drain cover to remove (imagine trying to remove a slimy, gross drain cover that weighs upwards of 30 lbs!). Simply remove the INNI rectangle access cover (smaller than your cell phone) for cleaning and maintenance.

Easy to Clean:
Custom made INNI Cleaning brushes (sold separately) are used to quickly and thoroughly clean all interior surfaces. Additionally, a replaceable hair trap sits just below the access cover keeping hair and debris from clogging your waste pipe.
Because of the INNI’s interior slope, it has less microbe buildup over time. While other drains need to be scrubbed clean in a matter of weeks or days to keep smell away, the INNI only needs to be cleaned every 3-6 months to maintain an odor-free, mold-free drain.

View INNI Care and Maintenance Guide

Easy. Elegant. Ebbe. It just makes sense!

Pro Installer / DIY Installer

One Size Fits All:
One full length INNI is 73 3/8″ long and can be cut before installation to fit a space as small as 22″.
Is your space longer than 73.375in? An INNI Coupler Kit is available to connect two or more INNIs together. (For each coupled drain an additional waste pipe is required)
INNI Kits come in three heights to match the thickness of your tile. 1/4in, 3/8in, 1/2in.

Ready to Install Now:
Most Linear Drains are pre-made in 2in increments. What if the line drain does not fit the shower? Do you “custom” order one shorter or longer? Do you modify the framing of the shower? What if the drain length is ordered incorrectly?! It can take weeks or months before a custom is ready for installation, and they are very often cost prohibitive.
First, the INNI is manufactured and shipped right here in the USA, making your orders just days away. Second, because the INNI is cut-to-size on-site, there is no need to wait for a “custom” line drain order. Third, the INNI can be cut to compensate for an off center waste pipe.
Pro installers, you can have one on your truck at all times and be ready for any job.

Flat Bottom Drain:
The bottom of the INNI Drain Body is flat which allows the INNI to sit flush and level against the substrate.

1in thick box shape allows the INNI to support a high load carrying capacity.

DIY Friendly Installation Guide:
You’re tired of poorly written installation guides that do not make any sense. So are we.
We wrote the Installation Guide as an easy to understand, comprehensive, step-by-step guide, complete with pictures, explanations and pro tips.
Don’t take our word for it, see for yourself before you buy:
View Ebbe INNI Installation Guide

Easy. Elegant. Ebbe. It just makes sense!