A 3 Piece Shower Drain has 3 Basic Parts.
A Riser

A Clamp Collar

A Drain Base

Here are a few other names these drains are commonly called by.
• Mortar Bed Drain
• Clamp Collar Drain
• Common Shower Drain
• Conventional Shower Drain
• Common Floor Drain

No two manufacturer’s 3 piece drains’ are exactly the alike. There are differences. However when you look at each part, they are similar because they share the same functions.

From bottom to top, here is a brief overview of the 3 Basic Parts of a 3 Piece Drain.

Drain Base

This is the bottom part that connects to your waste pipe.
Here are a few names the Drain Base part is commonly called.
• Drain Body
• Tailpiece
• Drain Flange

Clamp Collar
This is the middle part. It is used to clamp and seal a sheet waterproofing material to the Drain Base. It also has female threads in its center hole for the Riser to screw into.
Here are a few other names the Clamp Collar part is commonly called.
• Clamping ring
• Clamping Flange
• Clamping Collar
This is the Top part. It is the part the drain that holds the drain’s decorative cover. Beneath the cover are funneling surfaces that direct the flow of water to the round drain outlet. On the outside of the round outlet section are screw threads that raise or lower as the riser is turned into and out of the Clamp Collar below.
Here are a couple other names the Riser is commonly called.
• Drain Head
• Drain Inlet